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Fromme-Birney "Round Barn"

Mullinville, KS

In 1912 Henry W. Fromme, a German immigrant, hired William "Pat" Campbell, a local carpenter, to build a large round barn to house 28 draft horses and a box stall for the registered Percheron stallion which he imported from France. Round barns were promoted as being more wind resistant, efficient use of space, and took less lumber to construct the same volume of space. The estimated cost was $8,000, which is several thousand dollars higher than that of other barns of the time. 

Soon after construction the tractor replaced the horse as the farm power source and the barn was obsolete. It was later used for hay storage. In the 1980's Phyllis Birney received the barn and one acre of land from her husband Lawrence as a 15th wedding anniversary gift. Through her efforts, in 1987 the barn became listed as the Fromme-Birney "Round" Barn on the National Register of Historic Places for it's architectural significance. 

The barn was restored in 1995 with a Heritage Trust Fund Grant. The restoration was done by Jerry and Jeff Koehn. 

There is a miniature model of the Round Barn in the Kiowa County Historical Museum. 

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